The Fashion Blogger is an independent professional figure that redefined, lately, the figure of the fashion journalist, by using all the new technologies and platform, such as Social networks, to reach great amounts of people for very low costs. The reliability, independence, and the inspiration of some pioneers of this new job, made Fashion Blogger’s reputation stronger, so much so that today it’s considered a pretty important and crucial figure into fashion companies, which sponsor and invest in the communication actually through this professional figure.

The fashion blogger has a pretty wide action range: there are fashion blogs mainly oriented to fashion week’s runways and the high fashion world, and there are ones in which the author suggests the cheapest and trendiest outfits at the same time. Many fashion bloggers write exclusively to suggest about purchases, as if they were a sort of virtual personal shoppers, while other ones propose their own personal style and yet other ones give practical advice to manage everyday “outfits”.

The successful fashion blogger takes this role as a proper professional, becoming an icon of style and a source of inspiration for the internet users who are interested in fashion.


The main goal of the course is to train a complete professional figure, able to design, manage and promote a fashion blog, starting from the definition of the business model, to the management of users and suppliers.


  • Minimum age of 18
  • Ability to use Office pack (Word, Excel)
  • Personal laptop
  • Minimum Culture about the Fashion sector


The Fashion Blogger can work by himself, as freelance or for a marketing and communication office, or directly at fashion companies.


Teachers arrange tests to verify the progress of the study plan, in order to check the walk of the students and help them in case of issues or backlogs about the plan. After the course is over with a succefull result, the students can take the final exam to get the Fashion Blogger diploma.


Fashion blogger as a Job

  • The business model
  • How to get incomes through a blog site
  • The Canvas Business Model

Blogger’s activities

  • Research for events
  • Getting Accreditations
  • Articles structure
  • Photos
  • Sponsors –icon style (press office)

Styling & Trend setting

  • Concept style analysis and identification
  • Identity style creation (advertiser/own style)
  • Styling mood (destination use)
  • The outfit (elaboration techniques, how-and-why)
  • Styling techniques
  • Trend analysis / contextualization

Creating a personal Brand

  • How to be recognizable
  • How to manage your own Brand
  • Specializes vs. Generalist

Creating a fashion blog

  • How to choose the platform
  • How to register the name
  • How to choose the blog picture
  • Configuring the socials

Promoting your own blog

  • Social Tools Overview
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Detailed analysis of famous blogs

  • Contacts network
  • Articles on social networks
  • Comments exchange on social networks
  • Research and use of most popular Hashtags
  • Creation of a followers’ network
  • Likes exchange
  • Use of photo editing software
  • Keeping the standard
  • Use of Google “Adsense”