Alessandra Fergola

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Alessandra is a young highly qualified and creative stylist, with an 8 years international experience in the sportswear and man/women casual sectors.
After several international experiences, she worked for 8 years in the industry, improving her design and development skills with a constant and had work, and cooperates with a few partners of the sector, such as PUMA, COMVERT MILANO, Hackney, Alife, Vashtie, BWGH, Swash, ICNY.
Alessandra reveals herself as a curious person and always ready to discover new worlds and interesting opportunities, and shows her skills to work in a dynamic environment, where speed and managing abilities are essential.

In the October 2014, she decides to keep herself up to date at the Ferrari Fashion School to learn more about model design and tailoring, preparing the ground to come, in a short period of time, to the idea of producing and launching her own menswear collection.
The HOME OF HOMME line has been presented during June 2015 at the MILAN WHITE SHOW, where Alessandra promoted her collection.

Yuliya Udod is a young stylist, bor in Mykolaiv in 1994. Born in Ukraine, but Italian by adoption, she grew up into a creative environment, her mom was a seamstress and her father worked as an employee in the production of leather accessories. After she moved in Italy in 1998, and spent the first years in Abruzzo looking at her uncle, an artist, she got in Milan, where decided to drop the language high school and attend the Ferrari Fashion School, first step to make her dream of becoming a stylist come true. Once her studies were done, she made her debut with Leaves (2013), a 12 garments collection inspired by leaves and presented in the heart of the quarter of Brera in Milan. After the great public feedback, she started to promote her brand, whYoU by Yuliya Udod, participating to several events dedicated to creative youngsters and selling her clothes privately or by commission. The brand’s name comes from a question the stylist has asked herself: “Why You? Why should you get to make it among so many ones?”, almost as a reminder to keep in mind when achieving every objective, to remember the path covered, and the one to be covered yet.

In 2013 she started her own business by launching an e-commerce website, on which she’s selling her creations and offering her sartorial performances both to private customers and atelier and showrooms in Milan. Working with women of different age, size and social backgrounds turned out to be a crucial experience for the young stylist, who has always looked beyond the typical criteria of beauty dictated by society, and this let her develop her own aesthetical approach. Moreover, her studies ,as a self-educated person, and her will to constantly know more and more about her own job, have never been interrupted, and allowed her to put in practice what she learnt.
In her job, Yiuliya has always demonstrated a real passion for art, fashion and the craftwork, and due to this passion, during the April 2014, whYoU ART PROJECT was born, a project that’s meant to be a deep reflection about feelings and life experiences. It’s actually an experimentation lab where different talent personalities and creative disciplines compare to each other and work together in order to propose concepts and innovative solutions to nowadays questions, as a strong sign of opening to a community reflection. In whYoU ART PROJECT the garment livens up, becoming itself a vehicle of feelings, emotions, a way to be.
Her last collection Color Spots, presented for the whYoU ART PROJECT launch, shows an elegant and heavenly woman, romantic and refined, a constant in her poetics, in a collection in which the dress turns into the painter’s canvas, the soul of a shot.
Through the corruption between the arts, Yuliya Udod gets to create a unique and exclusive style, artisanal and refined at the same time, being considered, with full rights, among the emergent youngsters of the new demi couture.
One last, but not least, goal achieved, is represented by the article dedicated to her by6,for the section Vogue Talents – Emerging Stylists.

During the April 2014, Damiano joined the Milan Fuorisalone, the Ferrari Fashion School runway show, in the Emerging Stylists category, where he presented his first spring/summer 2015 line; a capsule collection extracted from the heart of the DAZE concept: inspiration and creativity in everyday life.
Advanced lines, refined cuts, detailed and showing many allusions, which refuse the banality by experimenting new things.
Destructuring the lines is the main engine of the collection: the typical cuts revive under new forms and with eclectic experimentations, harmonized but still recognizable in spite of their originality. A vintage touch on the fabrics joins the quality of the treatments, all of them Made in Italy, all of them sartorial. Today the new brand by Damiano Zeli is called A GAP BETWEEN.

Our student Simona Barboni is the finalist of the international contest Micol Fontana!
Congratulations to the Ferrari Fashion School, we all support you!

Alice Carminati

Ferrari Fashion School, operating in the fashion education world for fourteen years, got the challenge with enthusiasm, by involving its own students of Milan and Lodi for the design of a shirt that would represent the values and the attitude of Avon Running Tour, the Women Run: an itinerant celebration, 3 weekends of women wellness, sport and solidarity, in three exceptional settings as Bari, Florence and Milan. A challenge, that is great for mood, body and society, faced with the smile through a playful and collective sport competition: because Avon Cosmetics has always been supporting women.
Ferrari Fashion School wanted to join the Avon Running’s mission, offering, for the tour, its competence, art, technical skills and dedication, imparted to the students day by day; those elements are required for the realization of what was going to be the new shirt for the Avon Running Tour 2016, because, as stated by director Silvia Ferrari: “Italian Fashion is famous all over the world. We export style, creativity, ability, quality. This heritage, envied by the whole world, must be imparted to the new generations through a specialized education, that gets to give the students the “knowledge” and the “know-how”.
Cristina Quintini: “Avon, since 1886, in addition to taking care of the women beauty, offers the opportunity of a professional and personal realization to all women, giving them a chance to get economically independent. Thanks to this partnership, Avon means to give to youngsters the possibility to highlight their creativity and their ambition. The fashion, has always been a part of every woman’s life, and we, thanks to young people, want to promote women in their whole beauty.”