The Fashion Stylist is a professional figure with a strong creativity, good taste and attention to the refined details. Few people know the specific role of this figure, that is fundamental in the fashion world: he selects mood and outfits for photo shoots to be published in magazines, collaborating closely with bookers of modelling agencies, make-up artists, photographers and stylists. It is essential that a synergy is created on the photographic set, so the communication between these figures is decisive for the success of a photoshoot.

The fashion stylist is an image professional, who takes care of photographic services both for editorial and commercial purposes. Who carries out this profession must always be updated not only on new trends, collections and fashion events, but must have interest in art, painting, photography, cinema and music.

Anything that is observed can enrich and influence the work that is behind an editorial or the real image consultancy, with respect to aesthetic canons that are articulated successively through this continuous research to people and potential private customers who want to “wear the fashion style”.


The main purpose of the course is to train a complete professional figure able to create visual concepts, designing creative storyboards aimed at the relative clients and in carrying out PR activities with professionals as fashion editors and private clients.

The student will develop the ability to build outfits with a strong appeal, creating a synergy between fashion clothing and accessories.


We perform quarterly tests, following the progress of the study plan in order to constantly monitor the student’s performance and to be able to help him in case of difficulties or slowdowns on the study program.

Once the program of the course has been successfully completed, the student can access the final exam to obtain the Master’s Certificate in Fashion Stylist that will allow him to enter directly into the world of work as a highly qualified professional.


The Fashion Stylist can work on her own, as a freelance consultant, or as an employee of a newsroom or showroom. It can also collaborate with communication agencies or fashion houses that avail themselves of the collaboration of this kind of figure.


The Master is aimed at students who have gained previous school or work experience in the Fashion/Design sector and who want to update or specialize as a Fashion Stylist.

  • Minimum age 21 years
  • Knowledge and use of graphic software (Photoshop)
  • Previous school or work experience in the Fashion/Design area


The course aims to train a complete professional who, thanks to extensive experience in the field, is able to carefully select models and accessories for creating outfits designed for photo shoots, with the aim of finding the maximum artistic and creative expression of the final product and to satisfy the final customer’s requests.

He is a complete professional figure capable of creating visual concepts, designing creative storyboards aimed at their clients and in carrying out PR activities with professionals like fashion editors and private clients.

The highly professional approach and skills acquired during training are made possible thanks to direct contact and research at the most important Showrooms and Luxury Stores in Milan, the international capital of fashion. Through the study of the Fashion System and the most important international brands, as well as through the collaboration with photographers, stylists, modelling agencies, make-up artists and hair stylists etc., the student will learn to work in a team and to deal with all the professionals who work with him on the set.



  • Fashion Stylist: How & Why
  • Concept style analysis and identification
  • Styling & Trend Setting
  • Creation of identity style (editorial/own style)
  • Styling mood (analysis, construction)
  • Computer graphics
  • Usage destinations
  • The outfit: research, construction, finalization
  • The wardrobe: magazine or retail shop
  • Styling techniques
  • Trend analysis
  • Fashion Photography identity
  • Fashion photographers: analysis and understanding of the stylistic structure in the
  • photo of Fashion
  • Fashion style
  • Analysis and understanding of the most important Fashion Stylists
  • Fashion visual communication
  • The creative language of styling
  • Web and Social
  • Pre-job relations: be recognizable
  • How to manage your business
  • Detail analysis of famous fashion stylists
  • Analysis of location for shooting
  • Stage setting: internal and external
  • Creation of the wardrobe for fashion shooting
  • Models & Fashion Agency
  • Stylist vs. Fashion Photographer
  • Portfolio Construction


Course duration: 9 months

Weekly attendance: 6 hours



2019, 1st October

2020, 7th January


Registration fee: € 2000

Course Cost: € 7320 or
3 instalments of € 2440

The prices include the educational material composed of templates and books.
It’s possible to set up custom attendance and payment plans.