The course aims to train Designer and Technicians specialized in Fashion and Luxury accessories, and in detail, Bags and Shoes.
The study path has a duration of 1 year, during which the student will have the opportunity to develop his/her own stylistic identity and personal creative skill, best understanding the research methods and the techniques to design and realize a fashion accessory.
The study plan let the student take a path that will bring him/her to be able to design and develop a Man / Women footwear, bags and accessories collection by himself/herself, through theory and practice based classes.
Moreover, students will have the possibility to join the most important industry exhibitions (MICAM, MIPEL, LINEA PELLE) and deal with professionals, artisans and technicians of the sector, to examine in depth all of the aspects of a product design and realization.


The course is aimed to those who are older than 18 and also to those who are beginners or lack of experience, since our educational method let us set up the study plan in a function of the level the student starts from, with individual nature classes and custom plans.
There are no admission tests, but only a motivational and cognitive interview.



The educational material composed of textbooks, booklets (digital or paper), product technical sheets, leather elements and liners, templates, bases sampling etc…is provided from the school, for free.
The students will need to own a laptop with Adobe Photoshop, and will have to get all the stationery and leather material on their own, and same about the materials needed for the graphic realization of projects, and their production, later, in the Labs, managed by the teacher.
The lab activities are optional and let the student realize, by paying, prototypes, samples or whole collections, taking advantages from external Craftwork Labs, in a partnership with the School and offering concessional prices. The prototyping and production cost depends on the type of product, materials and the number of pieces, and will be directly settled between the students and the Lab with which they will choose to cooperate. The best works will be then selected to be presented during Fashion Events and allow the students to work with the stylists to participate to the year-end runway show, presenting the accessories collection.




  • History of footwear and bags
  • Study of Commodities: Materials, Leather elements and Fabrics
  • Accessories Mechanics: Production Processes
  • Drawing basics: Anatomy and illustration techniques
  • Manual Rendering techniques: Graphic study of coloring techniques, Leather,
  • Fabrics and Materials
  • Technical drawing
  • Product sheet
  • Computer Graphic: Adobe Photoshop
  • Rendering techniques – Computer design
  • Prints
  • Realization of the student’s own Capsule Collection
  • Realization of a Portfolio (Paper of digital)
  • Joining Industry Exhibitions
  • Meetings with Professionals: Designers, Artisans, Model-Makers, Bags,
  • Accessories and footwear sector Producers.
  • Visits at Companies and Artisan Labs
  • Laboratories and product realization (Optional – requires additional payments)
  • Modeling and prototyping
  • Shoe/Bag sampling
  • Shoe customization (graphic project and realization at external labs)
  • Capsule Collection production
  • Product / Capsule Collection exposition during the Fashion Event
  • Participation to Final Fashion Show – Presentation of Accessories
  • CollectionStudy of Anatomy


DATE: 2019, 1st October


Opportunity to choose among Part-time attendance (morning only or afternoon only) or Full-Time (morning and afternoon). Classes take place from Monday to Thursday.
Morning: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Afternoon: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Full-Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Course Duration: 1 year
Class duration: 4 hours
Weekly attendance: 3 classes


Enrolment fee EU: €988
Enrolment fee NON-EU: €2000

Course total cost: €7320

or 3 quarterly installments of €2400

or 10 installments of €756,40/month
Final exam fee: €300